Resolve local Subdomains

Hey @all,

I'm coming from dd-wrt and flashed OpenWrt yesterday.
I am currently setting up my network and am having a problem.

I have a server in my local network that serves a couple of applications based on subdomains.
I setup OpenWrt to use .home as my local domain. My server listens as server.home on a static IP address.
I placed its ip and the server hostname in the Hostnames-tab in luci

In dd-wrt, all my subdomain-requests were forwarded to server.home
With OpenWrt this does not work.
nslookup server.home on my clients gives the correct IP-address
nslookup application.server.home is not resolvable

this is my current configuration:

Am I missing something?

Greetings Robin

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Thank you very muchπŸ‘πŸ½

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