Reseting Archer C7 AC1750 to Stock Firmware

I have the tp-link ac1750 c7 v5 router and i downloaded manufacturers firmware from tp link and tried to flash the router from openwrt to stock firmware and it said the file is not supported. I then looked online and saw other post related to this router and reseting it but none of them said they were able to successfully reset it back. Does anyone know how i could? Someone said ssh into it or something but i don't know what that is? Maybe tftp but i don't understand how to do that or what software i need to do that.

There seems to be a way to do it by going back on a specific version of LEDE, then flash the stock firmware from there. This looks similar to E4200v2 that I wrote the detailed steps in the wiki for it.

Found on DD-WRT forum, here is the specific procedure:

Be sure to read as you need to replace steps 3 and 4 by those specific to V5, indicated in the first lines of the post.

Also please edit your post thread subject to include "V5" after Archer C7 to help others find this info later.

alright i'll try this out thanks for finding this man :slight_smile:

Please report your success as I will update the ToH for Archer C7 V5 recovery.

The TFTP recovery method works as documented in the OWrt wiki for Archer C7(EU) v5, using the stock TP-Link firmware renamed to ArcherC7v5_tp_recovery.bin.
It isn't necessary to take any extra steps, as mentioned in that dd-wrt forum post – you can go directly to the factory firmware (personal experience).

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