Reset Rx/Tx totals on an Interface

Quick question- when are the total interface data usage RX and TX figures (Network, Interfaces) as show under LUCI reset. Can I adjust the reset timer to show data usage per month?
Can I do a quick data usage zero on all interfaces?

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Me too. Anyone?

try vnstat, not a solution, but possible workaround ...

                      rx      /      tx      /     total    /   estimated
       2021-10       1.02 TB  /    85.89 GB  /     1.11 TB
       2021-11     223.58 GB  /    75.36 GB  /   298.94 GB  /     1.04 TB
     yesterday     136.24 GB  /    68.35 GB  /   204.59 GB
         today      26.78 GB  /   735.39 MB  /    27.51 GB  /    42.83 GB

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  • On interface reset
  • On router reboot
  • When you reset them

I haven't witnessed a timer, it should count indefinitely.

If I understand this question, yes you can. Just restart the interface.

Doesn't work.

Apologies, I must misunderstand your question then. When I reload an interface, the counters go to zero.

How do you do that? When I reload WAN interface in LuCI, all counters are persist.
That also mentioned in other sources.
The only way I could find is reload the driver module or reboot.


  1. Hit Stop
  2. Hit Restart

Can you try your WAN interface (considering it's Ethernet)?
I did this exactly and it doesn't work for me (OpenWrt 21.02.1).

Ooh, seems I found the reason - one have to stop both WAN AND WAN6 interfaces, and restart - then the counters are reset indeed :slight_smile:

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