Request support new device : afoundry ew1200


i hown the afoundry ew1200 ,
it's MT7621 router.

a lot of router from this page have already lede support .

Can i install from the web interface an image from an other router?
There are no telnet/ssh access.
I think there are a serial header inside the router but i am waiting the authorisation from manufactor to open remove the warenty sticker.

Any sugestion ?

Unless you can obtain the software source core or at least pop it open there's not even a remotely chance getting LEDE running on it.

I am waiting the authorisation from manufacturor .
If no reaction from the manufacturor i will send it back tomorow and get the dlink dir-860L.
If we get colaboration from the manufacturor i am i am pretty sure it will be the next killer platform.

Just to close this topic: Support for EW1200 has been added with;a=commit;h=9b35815f0f0e10125d144c82595bbccbc83d6812 and snapshot images are available.