Request: Openvpn server web interface for managing users

I have a customer that wants to manage openvpn users by themselves. They have very little IT experience, but they are able to create a user/password profile for openvpn on an Endian firewall.

The issue with openwrt is that there is not web interface for managing an openvpn server with user/pass authentication.

I know that it's better to use certs, and that's what I usually do. I don't even use web interface to manage openvpn, I just create plain old config files, certs, etc, but some people just want to be able to manage users via a web interface.

Is there some plan to add a package to manage a user/pass based auth for openvpn server and maybe a web interface to such users and passwords? I can do the auth part (a shell script) but I'm no web dev so I can't make the web interface part myself.


There is no plan for that and little resources for feature requests in gernal. So unless someone volunteers to work on it, it will not happen. The entire OpenVPN ui stuff is due for a rewrite.