Request for TP-Link Archer C24

Request Openwrt for device TPLink Archer C24
Thank you so much.

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Post SoC and WiFi chipset(s), and serial console boot log.

Realistically speaking, there is no one taking porting request for new devices. Someone with the device on their desk and a material interest in running OpenWrt on the device in question will simply have to start working on it - at this point, this someone would only be you, yourself.

Getting to know what underlying hardware (SOC, RAM, flash, wireless) we're talking about helps a lot in determining how difficult it might be to support the device, but that won't magically make anyone go out to buy a device and then to spend many long nights on getting it working, just because someone on the internet requests support for it.

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Sorry about that, but I just know below. How can I find out more information of my device? Please, help.
Hardware Version:
Archer C24 1.0

Wi-Fi 5
IEEE 802.11ac/n/a 5 GHz
IEEE 802.11n/b/g 2.4 GHz

I think that it same configuration of TPLINK C20
This is oem version of C24

Open it up, take photos, and hope there are no heatsinks attached to the chips.

And post the boot log taken from the serial port.

You'll need that kind of access sooner or later anyway.

Understand this process doesn't take days, or weeks, but months, assuming the device can be supported.

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