Report on Linksys E8450

I have to apologize (geez am I Canadian? Yes I am)
This report is incomplete. I should have better facts later today.
My E8450 caught a cold from one of the recent updates. Wifi went offline.
The remainder of the systems seemed to be OK.
I was in a rush to get it back on line so I did not record some important load
information. I think that the release was 22.03.0 and I upgraded it
to 22.03.2 as a work around. Wifi bgn seems to be working now but not ACX.
I checked the system log and it was reporting some symbols not recognized errors
which I forgot to record.

BTW good router when there are no software errors!

No one's perfect, but you seem to have a valid excuse :wink:

updates as in image, or package(s) ?
because ....

...oops should I have read the warning? Oh the generic package warning.
Yeah, general indemnification...I have too much trust in the contributors? Probably.
That being said other images seem to be having wifi probs recently as well.

should have, too late for that now.

reset the router to the openwrt factory settings, and you should be good to go again.

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Sounds like the router might be in the router-specific recovery mode, where the 5 GHz radio does not work. That might be cured just by a physical power-off (which clears the warm reboot surviving crash logs from RAM (pstore)).