Repo Disappeared? from Software/<update lists>

what happened here?

*** Failed to download the package list from

*** Failed to download the package list from

Collected errors:
 * opkg_download: Failed to download, wget returned 8.
 * opkg_download: Failed to download, wget returned 8.

router worked fine but then i reset it & need to re-install software

End-of-life for 17.01 several years ago.

You need to change the download site definitions in /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf to point into the archive of ancient versions.

Now would be a good time to also evaluate your current situation with the firmware version you are using. 17.01 has been EOL and unsupported for many years and has numerous serious security vulnerabilities. It should not be used anymore for most purposes, so upgrading to a more recent versoin is really the best path. If your hardware isn't supported by current versions of OpenWrt (currently 21.02 and 22.03 are the stable release versions), you should think about getting new hardware that is capable of running an up-to-date version.

...and of those, 21.02 is already end-of-life since this May.

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Somehow I missed that announcement :man_facepalming:, even though I know that the supported versions are n and n-1 (and of course 23.05 is in RC stage; I guess I figured when 23.05.0 is released would be the official EOL of 21.02). Either way, yes, 22.03 or 23.05 is better.

Yeah, it was in the 21.02.7 announcement:

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thankyou, not quite straight forward but i have errors down to "remove wrong signature file" just going to test actually installing something

{edit} installing seems to work

this is a Shenzen Hi-Link 16/128 wifi6 board which i did know was running antique software. I asked the Manufacturer on Aliexpress about upgrades and they did me a 32/256 upgraded version for a few quid more. the upgraded one still uses the same repo but is very responsive & i do plan on upgrading that one. will that take the current version? {end of edit}

OEM are for real using 17.xx for wifi6 board? That is like backporting tons of stuff and tons of effort for wifi6 support on that ancient version WTF

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When I see issues like these: [MT7530/MT7621] RX speed progressively gets worse with time #12914 I can understand why some people prefer older versions of OpenWrt, but then again, there have been lots of security fixes too that can only be found in newer versions and sometimes things actually become better...

Edit: Lots of new devices are only supported in newer versions

if i were in charge i'd do something about software release cycles - where new versions come along immediately after (insert title)(insert version) approaches maturity & are then effectively made Hobson's Choice. good job for update nazi's that i aren't in charge then :slight_smile:

Please keep your tone (more) civil - and consider that you are talking about (and to-) unpaid volunteers, no one is in charge of anyone, except for themselves. Backporting isn't sexy and gets increasingly harder the further the gap between those branches and current code becomes.

Right now, OpenWrt is dedicating itself to maintain one stable release, with a one-year overlap keeping the previous (old-)stable release maintained, while at the same time doing new development on master and stabilizing the next stable branch. Maintaining three disjunct branches (while also trying to mainline patches) is a lot of hard work you receive for free, if you want more than that, you will have to put your money where your mouth is and contribute to the development/ maintenance yourself or find ways to fund it.

A quite similar question comes up regularly why OpenWrt has to keep current with LTS kernely and can't just stick to v2.4.36 - use the forum search to find the related discussions (and answers).

please don't take personal offense at a jibe at the whole I.T. & software industry.

lets take adobe reader as a single 'for instance', which used to come on a floppy disk. now it's like 100Mbytes & for me the current version does absolutely nothing more than the original

Maybe, but back then you were also rocking your 2400 baud analogue modem (if you had one in the first place and didn't need to resort to print magazines with glued-on floppies or sneaker net).

Word 5.5 was also running quite decently on DOS 5.5 using 80i286 systems with 1 MB RAM and Hercules graphics, it could do everything you need for writing a letter, labelling the address and posting it, back then - and today. Even better, back then security was irrelevant, as you generally didn't have networking as attack surface.

in 2003 i was on 2Mbit cable with my trailing edge AMD 1.4Ghz & a huge CRT monitor. skype was brand new & ICQ was on the wain (the Adobe floppy was shipped with the ASrock mainboard)

what would be the minimum & ideal router specs to run the latest oWRT release? (obviously i want wifi6)

my whole project is based on oWRT

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