Replacement of R7800 advice please

I have 2x Netgear R7800. Still seem to work like great routers for Openwrt but after my latest issues with Sqm speeds @slh provided some deep and meaningful insight as to why my speeds were not the best... This has now got me asking should I trade up to a newer device !! Would you advise it people and if you do you have any personal recommendations ??? Needs to have good Openwrt support tho OBS !! Thanks

Look into the ones that uses mt7986 in the mediatek/filogic target.
Those are the best options at the moment.

Or maybe you want to have separate devices for wired and wireless.

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Thanks. Can't see the benefit of separating both wired and wireless ( for me anyway ). Currently Sqm, vlan separation and powerful WiFi and my main criterion. That said you now have me curious what benefits would separating bring me ??

You could have a wired router that wouldn't need to be replaced as fast as new wifi standards come up and the APs don't have to be high class - you could have more but cheaper like the wsm20