Replacement for WRT3200ACM


I am looking for a replacement router for my Linksys WRT3200ACM routers, as it seems that those are not longer manufactured (unless I am mistaken).
The replacement should roughly have the same or better specs. For WiFi I use different access points.
Mainly I am looking for a dual flash device (in case something goes horrible wrong during sysupgrade), which can handle SQM at 700/40Mbit (which the WRT3200ACM can handle).
I am provisioning my routers using Ansible so a decent amount of RAM (256MB min) and a decent amount of flash storage (at least 128MB) would be great.
Further, a USB3 port is a requirement for me, as with Ansible a lot of write operations are performed and I don't want to wear out the flash.

I did a bit of research and found that the Turris Omnia would be a possible contender (although its future is unclear apparently) and obviously building an x86_64 device on my own.

I am happy to hear other thoughts.

All the best

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If you don't need WiFi (or don't need it to be the main WiFi on your network), do consider some x86-based network appliances (Sophos SG/XG-1x5 series used to be dirt cheap but have gone in price now).

Having said that, some of the folks who make/sell Turris Omnia contribute to OpenWrt development in general, so if you want to support them financially, good on you.

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Forgive me, but you already have the equipment that matches your specs.

Just because this WRT line has gone EOL, doesn't make it obsolete.

It's less about what I have, but rather what I need - I'd like to have one or two routers spare should any of mine die.
If there would be WRT3200ACMs available, I'd just go and buy another two of them, but since they aren't, I am kindly asking for suggestions to somewhat equivalent devices.

If you want to do gigabit SQM, I'd say get a NanoPi R4S + Gigabit switch + U6-Lite (or WAX214) wifi 6 ap combo. It'll handle a lot of other stuff with it like docker containers, adblock, samba, etc with ease.

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