Replacement for Archer C7

I've got a dead Archer C7 and I need a replacement fast. My wishlist:

  • stable, reliable
  • custom firmwares available
  • allow VLAN tag / IPTV (need to replace my ISP router)
  • USB ports (usb speed not very important because I'm gonna use slow usb pen drives)
  • 5GHz
  • range isn't very important, it's a small house and C7 was fine.

To be honest the C7 was fine for all my needs, except usb DLNA share that was very flaky on that router so I'm looking to upgrade.

What to get?

  • Asus RT-AC1900U - 88€
  • Asus AX56U - 130€
  • Asus AC86U - 139€
  • Netgear 6400 - 119€

I'm inclined to either save a few bucks and go to RT-AC1900U or get the top performance (cpu and ram) with the AC86U but I'm not sure I really need all that CPU/ram power and it's probably just gonna consume more electricity.

I just submitted a patch for the Linksys EA7300v2 so both v1/v2 should now be supported.

In the States, Linksys EA7300v2 and Linksys EA7500v2 are available from Linksys recertified. I picked up the EA7300v2 for under $40USD and I've seen the EA7500v2 for under $50.

Edit: Patch accepted - EA7300 officially supported.

Why are you asking for advice here, considering that all of those devices are Broadcom based and not supported (with at least three of the them not having any chance of them ever getting supported).


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