Replace talktalk Eero with OpenWrt

So I have 500mbs fttp with talktalk in the UK and they provide an Eero 6 Pro which plugs into the openreach ONT.

Is it possible to replace the Eero as it's just a router with something running openwrt? Or will I have to have the ONT + Eero + openwrt router?

Was thinking of the new R5S as there's no rpi4 available.

Would this work? Primary reason to replace the Eero is to use vlans with a switch I already have.


(replacing) it should work, but who knows ...

easiest way is to plug in something else, see if you get your internet access.

You're also venturing into pre-alpha/non-existant support regarding the R5S....

Smart idea. I'll try that

Remember, some ISPs are caching the latest MAC used, you might need to wait it out, or clone the MAC.

The first question would be if the eero6 can be configured as to (mesh-) AP-only, one of these mesh systems (google wifi?) afaik insists on being a router (with NAT, firewall, …).

Plugged a PC straight into the Openreach ONT and got internet access straight away. So looks like I should be able to replace the Eero with anything.

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alternatives to the R5S: Looking for router recommendations in the UK