Replace GL.iNet GL-B1300

Hi Guys, i currently have a GL-B1300 but im only getting half my ISP download speed. At the moment i have setup OpenWrt on my Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB which gives me great speeds but its a messy setup. im looking to replace both items with a new Router which would give me the same speeds as the Pi4 for around £200 (im in the UK). Can anyone advise me please.? Thanks in advance..!!

Wired, rackmount, gigabit router - #10 by frollic the Cyberoams are usually very cheap ok UK ebay.

Thanks for the quick reply, i was thinking something a bit smaller, not a rackmount

What is your ISP download speed? And how are you connecting to the B1300?

My ISP connection is 300mb and im connected over WIreguard

Everything but the GL.inets and the RPis are going to be larger, and the rackmounts aren't a lot (if at all) larger than a regular router, like the E8450/RT3200, WAX206, or WRX36.

They do however have at least one fan.

I've been doing some searching and come across the TUF Gaming AX4200 which has 4 2.0ghz cores.
im not sure what the Wireguard speeds would be like in the router. ive seen it supports OpenWrt im just not sure about the flashing method..

It's a PITA, seems you need serial to do it.
The WRX36, or the other two i mentioned, are better choices.

Most Cyberoam models are regular desktop size... Here's a CR15wiNG with top cover removed, conveniently photographed next to a ruler:

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