Replace AVM Fritzbox

Hey together,

we are using a Fritzbox from our german based net provider unity media right now, but this version is unpatched since 2013 even after we got a new box.

As company that is trying to tell our customers to check their security and don't have holes in infrastructure this is bullshit for us to have such an unpatched device so we are looking for a new maschine now.

OpenWRT and Lede seam to be the hot ship right now as we are looking for the following things:

  • DynDNS ( agains own Endpoint if possible )
  • IPSec
  • OpenVPN
  • (optional) Able to use the cable connection from unity media without another modem inbetween

As I have no clue what kind of Routing Device I should order it would really help me if you could say: use this one!

Price is not our aspect number one, we are looking for a device to work in our 5-10 people office for the next couple of years if possible.

Greetings from Bochum, Germany,


Get a free FRITZ!Box 6590 Cable and activate it with Unitymedia. This should be the easiest way for calbe modem + router (DOCSIS) and you will always get the latest updates from AVM and you do not need to wait for Unitymedia (including a modem but unfortunately with Intel Puma chipset like any other Fritzbox Cable, see for issues).

Other than that you could buy a Technicolor TC4400 (Faster Broadcom chipset and no ping / spike issues like the other intel puma modems, see unitymediaforum for the TC4400) and put any Router behind that, i would recommend a wrt1900ac v2 with LEDE or superwrt If you are not used to LEDE you can take a look at ASUS Routers with Merlin Firmware (Easier for beginners and very stable). See or the good fork of john;

I suppose you have a Unitymedia Business connection with a dedicated ipv4 address, Unitymedia consumer lines do not get any dedicated ipv4, only ipv6 DSLITE, in this case only a Fritzbox or LEDE supports DSLITE tunnel.

cheers from Dortmund


Thanks for your help! We decided that a Fritzbox would not help us with our goals and checked LEDE this week in detail. On Friday our new LinkSys WRT 1900AC v2 arrived and we flashed it with LEDE. It is now in front of our Fritzbox wich will be replaced by this default Technicolor thing as soon as Unity Media reacts.

Thank you very much for your help, I will report back as soon as we tried this for a while!

Have a nice weekend,