Repeating Multiple SSIDs

Hey guys,

i want to set up a repeater on a bad covered location where not much speed is needed, but the coverage is needed. So i have a old WR841n V5 here and try to make a repeater from it. No problem so far with one ssid and relayd for example, but it i try to repeat multiple SSIDs one network work well but not the two others ...

Anyone here got an idea how i can keep it working ? Maybe relayd is not the solution I need here.


Most (all I know) wireless chipsets are restricted to a single STA interface (and sometimes multiple AP interfaces on top), meaning that you can only use a single client connection over WLAN. If you do need more, you need to use higher level constructs piggy-backing on this single STA interface (e.g. GRE tunnels).

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OK i got it working now with WDS with works well so far. I put both interface(WDS Client and the AP to it) into a logical one and set them into one firewall zone ... works very well and now i could repeat 4 SSID with less overhead and fast transmissions !

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