Repeater with OpenWrt, client mac address and port forwarding from main router

Hi all,
I have a TIM HUB (TECHNICOLOR DGA 4132 (AGTHP)) as my main modem/router and a TP-link RE450 dual-band wireless range extender with Gigabit ethernet port where it is attached a Synology DS218J NAS. I installed openwrt on the range extender and configured a wireless bridge as described here:

but I have a problem on setting port-forwarding on the modem because I can't see NAS mac address but only the range extender mac address: is there any way to properly configure openwrt so I can see the correct NAS mac address from the modem/router?
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fwiw, I believe what you have observed with mac addresses is normal behaviour when using 'relayd'.

Does your modem allow you to set up port forward by 'manually' specifying LAN IP address of your NAS, instead of selecting mac address of devices from a list box visible to your modem?

Only other suggestion is to use OEM firmware on you RE450 range extender.

yes my modem allow to setup port forwarding by manually specifying LAN IP address but:

  • if NAS is direct connected to the modem when I enter it's IP and save I can see its correct mac address and port forwarding works;
  • then if I move NAS and attach it to the repeater, in my modem port forwarding rules I see mac address of the repeater and "unknown" as IP address and it doesn't work;
  • if I try to create the rule when NAS is connected to repeater, when I save rule I see repeater mac address associated to NAS IP address and it doesn't work.
    I switched to openwrt because with OEM firmware on range extender I had the same problem and I thought to solve it by openwrt; maybe using "relayd" is not the right way, do you have other suggestion (eg. WDS?). Another issue I have with openwrt is that I am not able to see NAS DLNA from my smart tv....

Have you manually set up a static IP address on your NAS, or are you allowing your modem to provide IP address to NAS via DHCP ?

Instead of using wifi, have you considered using powerline adapters ?

I think, forget the relay stuff and use wds and everything will work. Relay s%&$ks

how can I try using WDS? just changing "client" to "client wds? because I don't know if modem support wds...

Why don't. give it a try

I tried but configuration failed to save...