Repeater routers network is not stable

Hi... I have four TP-link 3420 routers connected in series as repeaters of main Huawei router. I have installed relayd to connect my routers as bridges but the network is not stable at all. Some devices can connect to others and some cannot connect, sometimes connected devices lost connection. The network is not reliable and stable at all. I think the problem is in IP address configuration but no idea how to solve the issue. If you have any idea please help.

Nope, I think it's more a wifi problem.

Thank you for the reach out. Can you explain please? or it is routers signal range.

First cause that comes to my mind to cause IP issues is that you left a DHCP server running on any of the repeaters.

I have disabled DHCP protocal for LAN interface on all repeater routers.

I count seven different WiFis, there are only three different channels in the 2.4ghz band that work without overlapping.

For multiple relayd request to use IP in same group as your master router : 192.168.100.XXX

For Wifi link also the master router WIFI name

I use > 8 * Openwrt box without problems

Okay.. Let me try that one.