Removing firewall for Port 22 from OpenWRT Image Build

I have built and flashed OpenWRT on my RISC-V architecture board. As my board lacks a GUI, we typically connect via SSH. However, by default, OpenWRT's firewall blocks port 22, hindering access. To circumvent this, we connect via serial connection and disable the firewall for port 22. I need assistance in removing port 22 from the OpenWRT image during the build process. Kindly provide guidance on achieving this. Thank you.

The firewall only blocks access from the wan. The lan should have full access.

Where did the source code you used come from?

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i have taken source form -> git clone

and i have builder the step using following steps ->

Since the source code you are using does not originate from the official OpenWrt project, you need to ask the people who maintain that code. This is because they have likely made many changes to the code, most or all of which are unknown to the official project community, and some of which could be material insofar as they change the way that OpenWrt functions. From the git repo, it looks like starfive-tech is who you need to ask.

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They seem to use unmodified fw4, just do not get zones right.
If you want to connect SSH from WAN zone:
(basic security)
add pubkeys of ssh users
disable password login
add wan to dropbear listen list
(permit secured service from whole internet)
allow 22/tcp from wan too

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