Removed IPtables, now routing to WAN is screwed

Not that it was not about security. But ofcourse you win security. One less program to access a router. Adding a extra window to a house also creates a additional entrypoint even while it is closed.

But thats a little bit offtopic here. I just wanted to mention this if ram is really a tight fit.

Also being able to update packages is still pretty new so thats why it is not possible to update them through LuCI as for now.

That linked article is just about unloading/loading a kernel module. I'm not sure if this will help. And stuff about how to identify a wireless card. Ubuntu and LEDE are both linux yes, but the drivers can be patched different from upstream.

so if there's no solution in sight, i guess there's no other choice for me but to return to the stock firmware.

bummer, it was a really nice way to control my router, a shame the wifi doesn't work properly.

Also if this is a known problem, shouldn't the wiki page for this router warn that the wireless is unstable so who ever tries to install lede would know?

and does anyone know if this same issue with the chips happens on openwrt as well?

OpenWRT DIR-645...

I would lean more towards a configuration issue.

What wireless security settings are you using? (WPA2-PSK, Force CCMP-AES)

If you are using auto for WiFi channel selection, I would hard select a channel (1, 6, or 11) for 2.4 GHZ and see if that makes a difference.

Also, if you are using 802.11n, WMM must be checked.

I would expect to see a warning on a LEDE device page if more than one person reported an issue, and it was confirmed by the LEDE team.

i currently use no security, but i hide ssid broadcasting.
Tried hard setting it, don't think it made a difference, and WMM is checked.

how would one contact the lede team in order to confirm the issue?

seems like openwrt faces the same issue with the wifi under high loads.

Hiding your SSID does nothing but prevent your neighbor from accidentally connecting to your WiFi network.

You are taking a risk running with no security.

Do a site search to find out how to report issues.


Again, i'm a ccna and network security expert and certified, i know what hiding my ssid means.
i'll check, but as i said, openwrt also faces this issue.

EDIT: i've checked, but there's no way to report a bug for a whole release, only for luci or packages, it's not luci, and i have no idea what package may cause the problem.

also there's no email to contact in such a case. ....

You're not the only one who has had problems with wifi on DIR645 and Lede/OpenWRT: D-Link DIR-645 WiFi interface not maintaining connection

Freeing memory will probably not do anything to fix it.

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@rj-45 there's no contact for bugs, but there is a general contact there, thanks.

@Per that's a shame it wasn't noted in the download page before i started my journey with lede, it would have saved me a lot of headaches.

Stop throwing your weight around...your CCNA and self-titled "network security expert" doesn't impress anyone, and your certs sure aren't helping you solve your issue.

You are the one here asking the questions.

You're welcome.

i'm throwing them around, because i have to remind people that i wasn't asking for network security advice, i was asking about an operating system that was having problems doing what it should.

i know exactly what it should do from layer 1 to layer 7, and all the other configs around, if you don't like it, don't post a reply, and certainly don't teach me how to run my network security.

Here's a Cisco article you might relate to...

I'm out.

hey douchebag, i did not just do the online test, i was in a 9 months course certified by cisco, and as i mentioned, CCNA isn't my sole certificate, i also have CCNA security expert, JNCIS by juniper, and also worked for checkpoint. this was my occupation, and trust me, no one will hire someone who doesn't know his stuff.

We can clearly see what your "expertise" is...

Just shut up, no one asked you to participate.

Actually, the way forums work don't need to be "asked".

Truth hurts doesn't it.

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