Remove Redmi AX6000 from TOH


Can someone please remove the Redmi AX6000 ( from the TOH please? Someone's listed it as being supported but it's not supported.


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Does an external image exist for this device?

Not that I’m aware of. I don’t think anyone has even gotten a shell on it yet.

Perhaps it’d be good to check with whomever made the edit to see if they know something we don’t!

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@lessload Can you please clarify where to find the "external image" you mention in the dataentry?

It appears our Chinese friends haven't had much luck either:

Has anyone heard from @lessload ? My research shows that this device isn't supported and I'm worried that by having this device listed that some people may be misled into thinking that OpenWrt is supported.

I have updated the dataentry now to show an unsupported status.


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