Remove luci security token from url

Hello friends
I want to delete the luci security token section, so I do not see this section in the url of any page:
stok = 064c2329d71646d2758e6ea9e87b9202 in this section =>;stok=064c2329d71646d2758e6ea9e87b9202

Please guide me how to do this

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There is no security token in URL in the current stable version 18.06.x, the previous stable 17.01.x or the current development master branch.

The token was removed from URL already in 2015 and only existed in the old releases that are currently unsupported (like 11.03, 12.09, 14.04, 15.05).

You should upgrade to a current release.


Can not delete this item in any way?
Because my modem is completely stable with this version

Sure, in theory...

you can first download the LuCI 15.05(???) sources and the needed corresponding OpenWrt main sources, then you can identify the necessary commits for the token removal, and backport those commits to 15.05, compile LuCI, install & test it and be happy. (based on the on following search, the relevant timeframe is October 2015. Note that not all relevant commits are shown here, as that only search for commits with "token")

In practice, no chance.
Token removal required 30-40 commits from the main developer, so unless you are LuCI specialist, no real change to easily backport them correctly.


Older versions are not secure. Security is worth the time of upgrading to the latest supported version. Developers don't just update the firmware because they are bored.


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