Remotely pulling openWRT router's configuration

Hello. as part of a university project I wish to remotely pull all (or as much as possible) data relating to configuration, system, network, packages, etc. my first thought would be to make a script to pull this from the router via ssh.

is there a package or something else that is better suited for this functionality? if not, would all the information i need be in /etc/config? or is there usefull information elsewhere?


Config can be exported, through the gui, or pulled via ssh.

There is an option, on the web interface, to generate a full back-up of all the configuration files; this is probably a good starting point.

if I were to do this via ssh is all the information in /etc/config?

sysupgrade -b creates the backup file with all config included.


Keep in mind that exporting UCI settings and files provides only persistent configs, not runtime.
Here's the proper JSON RCP API for remote access and management over HTTP/HTTPS:


I do something like you want as my openwrt device backup routine .

> Devices="device1 device2 device3"
> for Device in ${Devices}
>    do
>    ssh root@${Device} sysupgrade -b - > /Data/openwrts/${Device}-archive-$(/bin/date +%Y-%m-%d-%b-%s).tar.gz
>    done

This is run from a Linux box


Nice! I've been doing the ssh+backup into /tmp on the device, scp the file to my workstation, then ssh+rm on the backup. Time to go fix my backup script!

I have a script that saves configs, and output from a bunch of run time commands. Then I do an scp command from the recipient host

scp root@*   .

can ubus show me what devices are connected to the internet, via wan and wilreless?
ubus call network.device status or ubus call network.wireless status does not do this unfortunately

# dnsmasq leases
ubus call file read "{'path':'/tmp/dhcp.leases'}"

# odhcpd leases
ubus call dhcp ipv4leases
ubus call dhcp ipv6leases

# wireless clients
ubus call hostapd.wlan0 get_clients

# conntrack data
ubus call luci getConntrackList
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