Remote syslog over UDP lacks newlines

Hi, I'm currently testing OpenWrt built in (via ubox) remote sys logging capabilities. The UDP connection recorded via Wireshark shows that there are new newlines. Even the documentation states states the following:

[...] and lacking a terminating newline. The above netcat method will therefore yield somewhat messy output.

Looking at the code I imagine adding a newline to UDP could do the trick, as it's done for TCP.

I'm using a Ubiquiti device in parallel and it's working fine by printing newlines after each log even.

@champtar Looking at the code you touched it some 8 years ago, thoughts on that?

From the way I understand the RFC, messages may not contain newlines at all:

The MSG part will fill the remainder of the syslog packet. [...] There is no ending delimiter to this part. [...] The code set traditionally and most often used has also been seven-bit ASCII in an eight-bit field like that used in the PRI and HEADER parts. In this code set, the only allowable characters are the ABNF VCHAR values (%d33-126) and spaces (SP value %d32). [...] Other code sets MAY be used as long as the characters used in the MSG are exclusively visible characters and spaces similar to those described above.