Remote-Fixing OpenWrt router

Hello, the device i use is a GL-X750v2 (c6-e) with openwrt running.

In Germany it worked perfectly, now in Greece it does not. Most Likely the "ROAMING" of the 4G/LTE is causing the no-connection.

To solve this, i need to install "picocom" or(/and?) "uqmi" so I can do this:



But in order to do this, i need to connect the router to my smartphone-hotspot.
what i did so far is getting this connection, BUT no internet connection (ssh into router, ping

What is the problem, i can show some config here:

Hope to get some help on this, it's hard to remote fix it by phone :smiley: so no time to "try & error" :slight_smile: thanks a lot to all

Even though the modem isn't reaching the Internet, it has still been installed as the default route to the Internet. So you need to temporarily disable the 4G interface, then wlan1 (the smartphone) should take over as the default route.

Basically only one WAN device can be active at a time, or you likely will not get a proper default route.

did not help
do i need to delete the routes to 4G as well? or just "STOP" the interface at the network section?

Disable the 4G, then on the smartphone turn the hotspot off and back on so the wlan1 re-acquires DHCP.

Still not working

"It's not working" doesn't help me much.
Check the following: Only the br-lan and wlan1 networks should have an IP. The wlan1 IP is a 192.168.208.X issued by the phone. The default route should be 192.168.208.Y, where Y is the IP of the phone itself. You should be able to ping 192.168.208.Y. A traceroute to a numeric IP on the Internet (e.g. should show 192.168.208.Y as the first hop and then some further hops through the phone company network.

Also you need to have the various wans all in the wan firewall zone. The LTE appears to be a slightly different color and I don't see the wifi hotspot client.

Thanks so far I will check and report back sunday.

LTE has the same color just bad light.
Assuming it still does not work what commandline export or LUCI screenshots are neccessary to find the problem so I can provide them sunday?
Thanks for your effort I really do appreciate it.