Remote Desk works but can't connect to my Minecraft server

Hey guys,I am having problems with my ports currently.

I could connect to remote desk after setting firewall of
my home server running winserver 2016,but I couldn't connect to my Minecraft server on same machine.I set port to 23333 as the image shows,it seems that the server has no connecting information at all. Frp works fine though.Sure I have public ip.

Can someone help me with it please?I have been troubling by days and it just not work.If so I will be greatly appreciated.

how is that related to OpenWRT?

For I was using openwrt on my router,sorry but the network just confuses me,I have no idea where to start.

what is that? doesn't look much like openwrt at all

This is clearly a highly customized, non standard version of OpenWrt. What device is this running on? Because of the fact that this is not a standard official version, you will likely need to ask the manufacturer of the router and/or whoever provided that OpenWrt firmware image for help. That is, of course, unless you can install one of the official OpenWrt images on your router.

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the contents of /etc/config/firewall may be of help though

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Yeah this is a custom build,also I have no idea what the device is,my friend built the machine for me.It is highly likely the firewall issue,I turned off the ipv6 tunnel it still ain't working.

You may have to ask your friend.