Remaining few issues getting WE826-T2 with Folksy 3RN12 Working


I recently bought 2 WE826-T2 modems. One has the Quectel EC25 modem and the other has the Folksy 3RN12. Based on the details from the thread Modem doesnot get detected (ZBT WE826 16m) - #29 by AndrewZ, I got the Quectel version working without issue using the 21.02 load. The unit with the Folksy 3RN12 is close showing the device as registered on the network using the 'mmcli -m 0' command, but the following issue remains:

The related interface eth1 does not come up on its own on boot as I would expect with the ModemManager software. When brought up manually with ifconfig it gets an ipv6 address but shows only outbound packets and no return packets. ModemManager is set to debug but I recognize no errors that would indicate any issues.

From the other forum post, I noted people recommended replacing the modem. That is an option as well but I have not see pluggable EC25 modules and only chips seem available so any assistance there would also be appreciated.

Same place I got my we826, I saw a few EC25 minipci module ( usb bus ).
To not make relevant advertise, a place far away.. where ali... is selling stuff, was kind of express delivery.:slight_smile:
You just need to pick the correct ver. ( US, EU, or Asia version )

Thanks for the response. Appreciated.