Reliable 5g modem

There is still no a good option for a reliable 5g modem?

Either from rooter or some m2 that at least goes on 5g network even if don’t go at full speed or one to put on bridge without big bugs or sketchy brand and manufacturers that can leaves the device “unprotected “ even if bridged?


there's something like
same at DE Amazon
and US Amazon ?

1st time I've ever seen one < 200€

then there are the external ones from Alfa and Acer, but they're USB-C based.

have you personally tested any of those or found any report that it works at least under a generic linux distro ?

nope, just found them the same day I posted, 5G m.2 cards' always been 200+€ for me,
and not worth it, when you can get a 5G CPE for < 280€ (not necessarily openwrt capable though).

it works in vanilla Linux for sure

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i see is around 90 now, i will be able to install and get it work inside my RBM33G succesfully? Because the one i took from ZTE 286D doesn't work.


Since this router have PCI lanes?

Yes, beware that many of the 5G modems intended for laptops operate only as a PCI device, and most routers offer only a USB interface to the modem. Even though the form factor is mini-pcie or M.2 the PCI bus related pins on the connector in the router are not connected.

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There are adapters like this one for pci modems but you need either one usb that delivers more than the usual 5v/0.5A or 2 usb ports

I know that the RBM33G have the PCI-e lanes, what i don't know is if OpenWRT will anyway talk as USB bus. And so will not be capable, i was just buying the Quectel EM06! :sweat_smile:

I don't know if i should pay the extras, or for the modem, as for a possible adapter, as were i live i never seen even a smartphone doing more than 120ish Mbit even if we have, as for italy do almost more towers than people using them...

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The reason i was trying to choose 5G was for the authentication, but as we have now just mostly 4G towers with more power and speeds with the smell of like 5G, what i will have can be just a little more stability and speed.

But if i have to pay even more for something i don't even know will work, i will just go for the EM06, after one briked mf286d i have been lost too much and i still don't know if i can be able to lock towers with GPS coordinates as the mikrotik say can do, but i think those AT commands are just modem related.