Release 22.0.3 - bss_transition param not accepted even with wpad / hostapd full?


Just pushed one of my routers from 21 to 22. All went fairty smooth, except:

I have a full fledged 802.11k/v/r setup, one of my /etc/config/wireless configuration options is:

bss_transition '1'

Regardless of which hostapd / wpad release (full, wolfssl or openssl), hostpad would not accept it. The log would dump unknown configuration item 'bss_transition' and hostapd would refuse to start.

As soon as I comment it out all goes well.

Has somthing changed with hostapd and this param or is this a bug?

EDIT : Just fyi, it looks like the conf generation scripts are all fine as the param pops up in the /tmp hostapd conf files. It just looks like regardless of which hostapd is installed (full...), it does not have compiled support for bss_transition?



Close... Looks like a reboot is needed when upgrading hostapd to full.


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