Relayd working principle


I am writing in regards to this article regarding relayd:

[OpenWrt Wiki] Wi-Fi extender / repeater / bridge configuration

Just a little bit of background, network engineer working on various equipment routing, gateways etc.

Currently, I have encountered a router with relayd mechanism implemented and I did find some strange behaviour, I would like to know whenever it should work as I will describe or it is a bug.

Imagine the following setup:

  1. Access point providing Wifi access, LAN Ip: access point itself gets internet connectivity from a cellular connection just for the reference, not important)
  2. Router connects to the AP as a client, its WAN ip is being statically assigned to
  3. DHCP Server disabled on the Router, relayd enabled
  4. A Laptop(lpc) is being connected via Ethernet(to the routers LAN port) and is being assigned an ip from the network (this is the network of the access point ( . Laptop ip:

Relayd works fine and It is possible to ping(or access in other way) the access point. In other words, from it is possible to reach and vica verca. Also connecting an ip camera to the router and assigning an ip of allows the same communication.(Both ways)

So from this I assume the relay d is working properly, the laptop connected to routers LAN is being assigned an ip from the access points LAN network, to which the router is connected.

However, my question is is it normal that from the Laptop I am unable to ping the routers WAN interface Destination host unreachable, from In other words, the laptop, router and the access point are all in the same network, however, from the pc I am unable to reach the router via its wan interface. But communication to the AP works with no problem. Is this normal? I might not fully grasp on how relayd works. What I have noticed is that the packets are being routed via the LAN interface from the Laptop and that is probably why it is unable to reach the WAN of the router.

This is a specific use case and ip addresses are from a real life network currently in use, however, if my explanation is not clear enough I will rephrase the question:

[OpenWrt Wiki] Wi-Fi extender / repeater / bridge configuration

By default, should it be possible from client Host 1 top reach W-LAN(Client). From to reach according to the article provided. Many thanks

I don't understand why you want to access through WAN interface when it works from LAN ...

The Wan inreface is not in the same group as the LAN which is normal
it would be necessary that the computer is in the group that the Wan so that an access is possible