Relayd: cannot access bridge via ethernet

I am using relayd to create a wireless repeater.

It's all up and running but I cannot access the bridge via its IP address when I am connected to it directly via ethernet. But I can connect to the bridge if I am using the main router's WiFi or through ethernet connected to that router.

What is up here?

When I used relayd I believe I had to use a random IP. Like the relay client is supposed to be transparent to the network. Maybe you need some extra masquerade rules?

I was able to switch to plain mac80211 wds and my life is a lot easier now.

Could you give us your config network wireless etc
I use relayd, and it works great !!

(small hiijacking for a good cause) @Rampler @weedy could you please check the if this short wiki paragraph about relayd is correct and maybe add your configs too in the examples?

My config files look like the wiki

weedy@HAF ~/projects/openwrt-lede $ cat files/etc/config/network 
#### LAN configuration
config interface 'lan'
	option ifname	'eth0 eth1'
	option type	bridge
	option proto	static
	option ipaddr	''
	option netmask	''

config interface 'stabridge'
	option proto	relay
	option network	'lan wwan'

config interface 'wwan'
	option proto	dhcp
	option hostname 'nas-client'

weedy@HAF ~/projects/openwrt-lede $ cat files/etc/config/firewall 
config defaults
	option syn_flood	'1'
	option input		'ACCEPT'
	option output		'ACCEPT'
	option forward		'REJECT'
	option synflood_protect '1'
	option drop_invalid	'1'

config zone
	option name	'lan'
	list network	'lan'
	list network	'wwan'		# Relay client tweak
	option input	'ACCEPT'
	option output	'ACCEPT'
	option forward	'ACCEPT'	# Relay client tweak
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Very odd one this.

I've just installed the latest snapshot and it's working perfectly. Exactly the same config. Strange.

Oh well, it works great now! :slight_smile:

Relayd randomly stopped working and the clients connected to the repeater can't get an IP. The repeater can access the network and the Internet itself though.

Did a factory reset and the exact same issue.

Flashed a DD build and up and running straight away.

Very confused :confused: