Relayd and luci Proton relay

Using BT Home Hub, where can I download the two packages? Trying to set router up as a bridge and need these two packages, BT Home Hub is connected to my main talk talk router but doesn't have internet so can't download the files therefore I need to download them on my comp and upload them via the option.

Thank you!

If the main router has Internet then I think it should be easier to find out why BTHH doesn't have Internet and alone that.

You have to connect the HH5A to the TT router to be able to download and install packages either by ethernet or by wifi.

If the default LAN IP address of your TalkTalk router is 192.168.1.x, you must change the IP address of the HH5A to use a different subnet too. eg.

If you are trying to configure VPN client (for Proton) and Relayd bridge on same OpenWrt router, it will not work based on similar posts on this forum in the past.

You can configure simple wireless client to allow HH5A to connect wirelessly to your TT wifi router.
or refer to section 9.12 in the installation guide for HH5A

and openvpn client setup guide for HH5A.

That's if you connect your main router's LAN to BTHH5A's WAN--you leave BTHH5A WAN as DHCP client and set it's LAN to a different subnet, as @bill888 explained.

If, on the other hand you connect them LAN to LAN then they will have to have IPs in the same subnet.

Thank you all managed to get it sorted but if anyone knows where the software flow overloading option is would be much appreciated. Think that's limiting my connection speed

It's in the firewall menu of 19.07.x in LuCI.

See section 7.25 of installation guide for HH5A