Relationship between uhttpd and lighttpd?

I was trying to figure out how the webserver in LuCI works, and realized that there are two (or maybe three) web servers mentioned in the OpenWrt documentation. They are:

  • uhttpd
  • lighttpd
  • (maybe) Busybox

I believe that uhttpd is the default web server for the LuCI GUI in 19.07. But I see that lightttpd (and a zillion of its packages) are also installed by default in 19.07. Update: That last sentence is wrong, wrong, wrong. lighttpd is not installed...

How can I tell which is running? What's their relationship? Is lighttpd ever required? Thanks.

Correct, uhttpd is the default server and lighttpd is not required. Optionally, uhttpd can be substituted with any CGI-capable server (apache, lighttpd) or with nginx + a fastCGI wrapper

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Not in a standard 19.07.1 image for Fritzbox 4040.
No lighttpd packaged at all installed in this image.

Thank you for catching this. You are correct (I mis-read the output of opkg list light* ) I updated the OP.

BusyBox is never used. uhttpd is default. lighttpd is used on TurrisOS by default.

There’s also a luci-nginx package which configured nginx for use with LuCI.

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