Reinstalling Openwrt on a bricked router?

Hello guys, a new forum member. This is a bit of a long shot, I'd like to explain my situation if I may. I bought a router with openwrt on it some time ago (roughly over 3 ½ years ago). It worked great for what I needed but a guy told me that my version was outdated and I (stupidly) agreed to his steps to update it. Unfortunately his steps I believe killed the router. The router powers on but nothing appears for WiFi to connect to it. I also tried a reset with the button on the back.

I tried contacting the original seller but because I bought it a long time ago they didn't want help. As I said this is a long shot but I've attached some photos of the router motherboard in hopes that there is a possible way of reflashing a newer openwrt firmware.

Model = ZBT-WE2426-C V05

I would greatly appreciate if someone could help. Or to even let me know if it's possible to reflash the device. Thanks alot guys.

we2426 does not appear to be an officially supported OpenWrt device, so I'm afraid you may be out of luck?
OpenWrt ToH

Thanks for your reply Bill. That's unfortunate. I assume they used a fork of Openwrt :sob:. Maybe it's time for the bin. Thanks

Assuming that it did run some kind of OpenWrt and that your upgrade resulted in a bootable firmware.

Then resetting it would turn off WiFi, so maybe try plugging something into one of the LAN ports and see if you get a connection.

Hi I really appreciate your reply. Upon further investigation it had firmware version 19.7.03. I followed a guide here on the forum to access a web gui (which is in Chinese) but translates "firmware recovery mode". From there I was able to backup the EEPROM file. In the same area there is an option to recover the firmware but it then asks me for what I assume is a firmware file to reflash. Not sure where to go from there.

P.s the router was only used as an access point. I tried connecting it to my isp router and then using another ethernet to my pc but I cannot access the web gui or LuCa interface that was there before.

Your best bet is to contact the manufacturer to see if they have a firmware to give you.

But maybe it'd be less of a hassle to just buy a new AP that has official OpenWrt support if you wish to use OpenWrt.

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I agree. I will look at buying something new that supports openwrt. Thanks for your replies anyhow. It's much appreciated :smiling_face:

Seems the chip inside is MT7628AN. MTK/Ralink. That's the mediatek chip I think. Alot of routers have that chip and some I believe have openwrt support.

I've had one last attemp at messaging the company I bought from in hopes they have a firmware file to reflash.

Fingers crossed. As I know this isn't supported I do appreciate the replies. Thanks again guys.

Hey guys a quick update. Hit things sorted. Reflashed and up and running. Thread can be closed. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. Appreciated