Reference for number of supported stations in different wifi hardware


I was wondering if there is a reference listing of maximum number of wifi stations connected to one AP for different wifi hardware. I have tried to compile a list from driver sources but I'm sure there are errors.

Here is my list for devices I installed openwrt, inferred from driver sources:

TL-WR1043ND, TL-WDR2500, Archer C6v2:
ath9k - no hard limit from what I can see in the code
ath10k-ct 10.1 (QCA9882) - should support at least ~120 stations (from reading ct FAQ)
ath10k-ct 10.4 (QCA9888) - configurable limit up to ~200 stations using pci-x.x.x.txt

Archer C50v4:
mt76 / mt7603 (MT7628A) - 123 stations (128 - 1 - 4)
mt76 / mt76x2 (MT7612E) - 128 stations

Archer C6v3 or C6U:
mt76 / mt7603 (MT7603EN) - 123 stations
mt76 / mt7615 (MT7613BEN) - 32 stations

Cudy WR1300v1 / YouHua WR1200JS:
mt76 / mt7603 (MT7603E) - 123 stations
mt76 / mt76x2 (MT7612E) - 115 stations

Asus RT-AX53U:
mt76 / mt7915 (MT7905) - 268 stations
mt76 / mt7915 (MT7975) - 268 stations

Standalone MT7921k PCIe device:
mt76 / mt7621 (MT7921k) - 16 stations

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Hi zekica,

can you tell me how you discovered that ? Where in the sources can i read that ?

Im looking into mt7921u currently and im hitting a limit of STA: " wlx00c0cab38118: STA 94:e2:3c:ac:29:f7 IEEE 802.11: Could not add STA to kernel driver"

would be nice if you could shed some light on it.


7921u is the USB WiFi stick, right? I believe they are not designed to be connecting with large number of devices as AP?

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For MT7921 it should be in the mt792x.h:

define MT792x_MAX_INTERFACES	4
#define MT792x_WTBL_SIZE	20
#define MT792x_WTBL_RESERVED	(MT792x_WTBL_SIZE - 1)

WTBL_STA is the important value.

Not related to your questiion, after further looking into this, it looks like MT7613 station limit is 123 and not 32 like I stated above.