Reduce latency for gaming

Hello guys,

So i'd like to know which tweaks/commands you would use to reduce overall latency as much as possible, even at the cost of bandwidth, for gaming purposes.

Reducing all queues / buffers is a way but i'm way too new to Linux / openwrt etc to be efficient on the process so i request your help.

Relating question :

txqueuelen and "hard limit on ingress / egress" sqm settings are referring to the same setting or no ?

Thanks in advance

I would first try to diagnose the current situation, and see where are the packets being delayed. For example, nothing you can do is going to improve the latency, if the delay is happening between two routers outside your network.

Do some tests using PING and TRACEROUTE, from the router and from your computer, with and without other traffic, to the gaming servers and to other servers.

A forum search for "gaming" might yield some useful information.

Quite lengthy, but maybe usefull: Help prioritizing games with alternative qdisc design

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Some technical info about your WAN / ISP connection might also give insight about latency issues. If you have cable DOCSIS or other shared medium platform like a Wireless ISP this might always be an issue especially around specific hours/days in the week.

Limiting or even offlining the amount of active LAN devices on your router except the one you use might also improve alot. Besides disconnecting cables, don't forget wireless connected devices on your AP.

If this improves anything than it might be worth to invest time how to add priortizing rule and connect more devices on your LAN again.

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Hi, thanks for your replies.

My setup is as simple as it can be : WRT3200 running Openwrt 19.07 --> ONT (FTTH 300/300), two devices connected : 1 PS5, 1 laptop for browsing.

All is running wired of course.

I've read relative gaming threads on this forum, i'm alone using internet here and when gaming only the PS5 is using the network, so i dont even need prioritizing etc. (i guess.. may be wrong ^^)

I have no specific latency issues, i'd like to optimize my setup to the maximum for the use i make of it.

Setup SQM CAKE at 90% of your speeds and retest.