Recover Samba4 password

Is there a way to recover the password for a USB device mounted via Samba4?

No, but you can set a new one.


I finally recovered it, but for future use, how can I set a new password?

edit: found

The only issue is documentation is so old, it still mentions LEDE.

The behaviour and usage of smbpasswd hasn't changed in well over (at least) 20 years, even before either OpenWrt or LEDE existed.


Just saying that documentation can be kept updated so that new users don't get confused between Openwrt and LEDE, since that issue has been resolved and this is one project only.

Fair enough, I s/lede/OpenWrt/i;ed the wiki article. Better now?

(The wiki article -- as it mentions in the intro -- is still outdated, samba36 has been deprecated quite some time ago. Bit rot happens, unfortunately.)


That looks good now.

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