Recover from deleted base package

Hi All!

I accidentally deleted the openwrt-keyring package from the GUI, instead of another package. Luci never came back, and the router now cannot boot, at least there is no net anymore. Is there any way back from this? The device page mentions a recovery mode, do I have to go that way? If so do I have to use the sysupgrade or the factory squashfs image?

Eidt: I am able to ssh into the router. Should I do an sysupgrade to restore the base system?

Try to reinstall keyring package in ssh:

opkg update
opkg install openwrt-keyring
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It turns out there is no net on the device, at least I cannot ping, bad address. Even the shell says "root@(none)". There is no wireless, only the powerled blinks constantly.

Do you know how to use SCP to upload ipk files, install them in local?

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Sorry for slow reply. I have to switch ISP cable between PC and router.

So I did an init.d/network restart, and the router did connect to internet. However opkg said keyring package already installed and up to date. I tried with --force-reinstall, but didn't work. It says a file (in /etc/opkg/keys/) already provided by base-files.

opkg --force-depends --force-overwrite --force-reinstall install openwrt-keyring

So this allowed to install openwrt-keyring successfully, but after a reboot not much changed. I can access Luci, but routing does not work, the PC cannot reach google. Wi-fi is still down as well. The same blinking on the powerled.

I think I will try a sysupgrade while I can and try to keep the configs. Worst case I have a config save from May.
Thanks everyone for the quick help. Fingers crossed.

PS: The sysupgrade went smooth. Not sure how things went awry. I might have corrupted something with the panicky reboot. Also I might have check the box to remove unused dependencies.


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