Recover (bricked?) Teltonika RUTX11


I received a used RUTX11 which doesn't work. Only the power LED turns on and the network activity LEDs are flashing when the device is powered and connected via LAN. It doesn't provide any Wifi network. Also I'm not able to get into the bootloader, neither when holding reset for 4s nor when holding it for 6s (there are different informations about the duration on the wiki pages). What else could I try? Is there a way to flash the firmware via JTAG or something like that?

I would like to keep it and get it to work.

tried / does that include serial ?

This could really mean whatever!?
What firmware does it have installed to begin with?

RutOS (OpenWrt based Linux OS)
This is what the manufacturer say, this isn’t OpenWRT but OpenWRT based so if this is what is installed then you need to contact Teltonika support.

To be honest, it's a complete black box. I don't know what happened to the device. I received it as "provides no connection". The last owner also doesn't know what happened. I assume it's running the default firmware, but I also don't know that for sure.

I made some pictures of both boards. Beneath the USB port there is a pin header. I assume it could provide the serial port, but there's no pin description.

The “big” square surface mount chip up in the left corner on the second picture looks like it is covered with a powder that looks like charcoal.

That is thunderstorm destruction level 1. And usually how a microship looks like when it is cooked by lightning.

Thunderstorm destruction level 2, lightning evaporate the chip completely, sometimes the legs are left. Sometime the legs are gone and the chip is left. But something is always missing…

Thunderstorm destruction level 3 is when both the chip and the circuit board directly under the chip evaporates.

Thunderstorm destruction level 4 is when the house burn down.

How does the chip smell?

The consistency of the material on that chip is more like rubber. Maybe some thermal paste, although it looks very strange if it was and it doesn't touch the housing at all. And it doesn't smell at all. I don't have the impression that it has burnt down.

Teltonika only supports devices which where directly purchased in their shop. As I didn't do that they won't support me.

Looks to me more like something that had been glued onto this chip, rather than lightning strike.