Recover Bootloader on Unifi Dream Machine Pro

Hi OpenWrt.
I have a broken UDMP that i would really like to repair. I was poking around the Unifi forum and found that OpenWRT wipes the bootloader on Unifi Devices.

I have access to the U-Boot console via JTAG. It is showing errors in loading the USB controller, the Ethernet and the XHCI Controller, which causes the kernel to fail to load.

The guy i got it off said it happened during a failed firmware update, so my gut feeling is that a re-flash of the bootloader may bring it back to life.

I wonder if anyone here has a procedure to re-flash the bootloader from JTAG (U-Boot) that they can share? or if someone can run me through the flash process for the OpenWrt bootloader that could also work.
Maybe even a dump of the U-Boot firmware from a working UDMP might work also...

Thanks for your help in advance!

The UDM Pro is not supported by OpenWrt in any way. Therefore, it is off topic for the forums here.

Please refer to the UI forums for help on this topic, including possible warranty repair/replacement of oyur device (depending on the age of the device).

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