Recommended USB flash drive

Care to name the make and model of your trusted USB stick on which you have installed OpenWrt, and has survived r/w over the years, please? And thanks.

OpenWrt's needs in this regard are very modest, it doesn't need to be hast, OpenWrt reduces writes to the minimum possible. So unless you want to use it as backend for file- or database server, go with whatever you have and hope for the best - keep a spare, if you're in doubt.

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@slh thanks for that. speaking of keeping spare, I thought about that, and still thinking of how, after a complete and working install, I could duplicate the usb and lock that one away, just in there a luci app for this, or do you know how it can be easily done, such that the backup will actually work in practice, not theory :slight_smile:

There is no such luci app. After you have reached a certain stage of configuration you can replicate the usb to another usb stick, with dd or some other replicating utility. Keep in mind that the UUID might be different and the system might not mount the second usb flash properly.