Recommended cheap device to support SQM on Gigabit connection


Is there any recommended cheap (or at least mid range) device that will work OK with SQM and Gigabit connection?


go for x86.

And if I don't want to deal with x86 setup?

What is your definition of "cheap"?

Lets say in the range of 60$-100$

then you get 1 gbit, but probably no SQM.

@frollic what about QoS?

Tbh, I don't know, not sure how QoS works compared to SQM, but if it's easier on the CPU, then yes.

But is it really an issue when you're on 1gbit ? I've had it (1/1 gbit) for a couple of years, never needed any kind of traffic shaping, and yes, I got the CPU power for it.

I don't realy know, but I just got 1000/100 mbit, and not 1/1 gbit, so I'm not sure if I need it or not.

Anyway, I think I would go with Archer C7/D-Link DIR-878. The D-Link have hardware acceleration support with OpenWRT, but the C7 is much more popular. Any recommendation?

In US, it's $80-100 new at, $71 on eBay.

Thanks but I'm not in the US, and I'm not sure if this device will pass the customs in my country.

where are you then ?

Heavy regulated primitive country :slight_smile:

There's a couple of those, good luck getting any useful suggestions - we're no mind readers.

I didn't think so. I just don't want to reveal my location. Are you familiar with the availability of different devices in different countries?

No, but that's what internet's for, isn't it?

Unless the whole country's behind some big fw only letting traffic out, not in.

There is no big fw, just too much regulation. I could try to order this device from the us, but it could be stopped by the customs. The popular devices are available here, devices like I mentioned before. The most popular brands here are TP-Link, Asus and D-Link, and maybe a little bit Netgear.

Do you know what SQM is?

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About QoS, i found a few weeks ago the Zyxel GS-105S v2 it's not a managed switch, but it has some pre-configured ports with priority :

So maybe you could use a cheap router, Gbit capable, combined with this kind of switch, to get to do what you want.

16$ here or with 8 ports here for $28

QoS shouldn't be per device, but per application.

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