Recommendations for cheap OpenWrt compatible?

hi . im searching for a cheap device to distribute 4G LTE connection.
the device most have usb port for the 4G modem
and if possible inaf rom to install python
i have in my position a Sercomm H500-s Devices with Broadcom WiFi chipsets but im afraid it will work or not ..
if ther a 4G LTE device supporting wrt that good too

thanks :+1:t2:

No 2.4GHz wifi due to broadcom.

you could always go for the MF286D, it comes with a LTE modem,
assuming it's available in your part of the world.

execuse my ignorance
is that mean only wifi5 will be working
or it cant shar via wifi at all?

i will check if it aviable here
if ther any other devices lte or not the you can recommend please

There are several other MF28? models supported, but the D is the fastest one, AFAIK.

Yes, only wifi5 at 5ghz will be functional, you will need to purchase other router to supply any IoT you have, which likely means that one with USB port and this to dumpsters.