Recommendations ADSL snr

Hello, going in circles .
Not a massive budget maybe £70

Need to be able to adjust / tweak snr on bt adsl2
I am on a long line so needs to have good power output.
Not fussed about wireless capacity
Lede support

VPN /socks 5 / IPTV and
Bittorrent and usb printer support would be good.



Here is a list of ADSL2 modems somewhat supported by OpenWRT:

You will have to click each individual one to see how far support has come.


Tags only list the hardware capability, not the OpenWrt support.[Modem*~]=dsl

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Given that lantiq is the only SOC with modem support, it makes more sense to look at, starting with the danube generation or newer. Given that you can find used VRX268/ VRX288 devices pretty cheaply, I wouldn't bother with buying anything older anymore (and those VDSL2 modems are backwards compatible with ADSL, provided you get one for the right annex).