Recommendation searched for 2.5 Gbit Network

Hello everyone,

I'm searching for a new router for my home :slight_smile: Using pfSense and OPNsense before I need to switch because latest even OPNsense stopped working for me :frowning: So therefore I'm searching for an ARM Router with OpenWRT Support :slight_smile:

It should be able to:

  • Handle 250 MBit/s PPPoE Connection
  • Handle multiple VLANs which should be able to route nearly 2.5 Gbit/s between the VLANs
  • at least 1, at best 2 ore more 2.5 GBit/s Ports

Exist something like that with ARM or should I go X86?

Thanks for any help!

Alderlake-n/ n100 with for 2.5GBASE-T ports starts between 100-250 EUR (incl. VAT, taxes and shipping) with shipping from .cn.


Food for thought:


My preference would be x86 because 1) the power requirements for modern x86 embedded is on par with ARM devices with the same throughput (see @ed8's links to the STH threads, specifically that N100 one); 2) they are more widely available than ARM devices and often cheaper for equivalent configurations; 3) for better or worse, virtually all Linux kernel devs use x86 as their primary development platform, so it is the best tested, supported and most robust target you can choose.

I'd actually pick a RTL based multi gig card, since the cheap 10GbE cards won't do 2.5GbE.

Ah ok, I wasn't aware of that - a better recommendation would be a 2.5G RTL8125B(G) NIC?


I have a dual port RTL8125A, I can imagine B beeing the next rev.

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Looks like RTL8125B lowered power consumption per

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Mellanox cx4 dual 25 gig card wirks awesome with openwrt, have one on my test setup and two other in esxi hosts, awesome for the ebay with bpi r4 too, 25gig sfp28 dac / fiber transceivers no problem.

Thank you very much everyone for you suggestion. I went a complete different Route now. Since I'm using TP-Link Omada Switches and AP I decided to buy a Omada Router as well. There is one released with two 2.5 GBe Ports. I'll test that :slight_smile: