Recommendation for 802.11ac USB Wifi supported by LEDE?

Anybody has any recommendation for 802.11ac USB Wifi supported by LEDE ?

Unless you want to use bleeding edge out of tree driver
Currently there absolutely is NO 802.11ac USB driver in upstream linux.

Actually I had the same question :slight_smile:
My next task is to build a self-built router with an external VLAN capable switch and a single board computer based on some of the LEDE supported platform
Now I have a Banana PI, which I can use as a test base, and also I have an USB dongle, TL-WN725N v2 with a RTL8188EU chipset that seems to be decently supported also in AP mode.
But I would need also a 802.11ac. I can undestand that there is nothing really supported in upstream, but do you know if there is anything in good shape to be usable also with some out of tree drivers?
The secondo option is to use a normal 802.11n dual band usb key, do you know any well supported?

I can speak for 802.11ac with USB devices, ONLY

As I said the support for this device is bad, you have to build the driver on your own. And I think there is no easy integration in LEDE or other projects.
Maybe they was some for buildroot and RTL8221AU, but they dropped eventually my repoitory.
which I don't care and I won't do some integration for LEDE because lack of time.

Currently these devices getting into the news for Linux

Assuming I’m reading this properly, the fact that the OpenWRT master branch now has the wireless drivers from 4.19, and the fact that 4.19 added support for USB 802.11ac drivers in the mt76 driver, there are now finally 802.11ac supported USB devices in OpenWRT (in the master branch at least).

Anyone tested this yet? I will once I get home if I have any mt76 devices laying around.

edit: No mt76 devices. I’ll have to get one before I can test further.

Confirmed that a TP-Link T1U at least works a little bit on master.

Tested on a Raspberry Pi 2835 (a B+) image I compiled myself and the system crashed. Tested on a A5-V11 I compiled myself and it worked just fine as a client but not as an AP. The RPI was the default config but with the MT76x0 drivers enabled and Luci enabled. The A5-V11 had bits and pieces of Luci selected, IPv6 and PPP disabled and the MT76x0 modules enabled to fit on the 4MB of flash.

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