Recommendation for 1Gb router available in Singapore

I'm based in Singapore, so many recommendations that I've seen before in this forum have prohibitive shipping costs or have no available shipping

Minimum Requirements

  • Support OpenWRT (of course)
  • Support SQM on 1Gb ISP link (ethernet, symmetric up/down)
  • 4xGb ethernet ports (including WAN), ideally more
  • Budget: up to USD300 including shipping
  • WiFi not needed

If there's no specific recommendation meeting my requirements, then what minimum hardware qualities should I check for on platforms such as AliExpress?

  • Celeron supporting AES-NI
  • 4xCores @ 1.1GHz
  • memory and storage don't seem to be an issue
  • anything else?

I guess Qotom series would fit your requirements

May I ask the basis of this recommendation?
Have you tried this as a router or seen it as a router in the real-world? What were the positives and what were the negatives?

Apologies if I sound aggressive with this question, I don't want to invest money and quite a bit of time for a partial solution.

Edit: I checked the specs of the product and the Celeron 3215U CPU does not support AES-NI

Routing 1 GBit/s WAN speed already requires a lot of CPU power, limiting your options to a rather small set of devices. SQM increases this problem significantly, pointing quite heavily at x86_64 (~core i5). Four 1000BASE-T ethernet ports break the camel's back, leaving you with e.g. the aforementioned qotom series or the odroid h2+ && H2 Net Card - or something in that general direction.

Next stop, a good (OpenWrt supported-) router to be used as dedicated access point(s).

No, I haven't tried it but as @slh write with your requirements you would need x86_64 > i5 and they produce that in a quite compact way. And they have versions with 4 Gb Ethernet and are available on Aliexpress.
So they tick all your boxes.

If you don't want to spend that money then go with a Nano Pi R4S and a managed switch to get 4 ports.