Recommendation device for Wireguard


A little background first: I want to use steam's in home-streaming over internet through a secure VPN connection. I've got a 1000/500mbps internet connection on both ends.

I need a recommendation for a device around 50€ that can become a Wireguard server and handle at least 120Mbps with minimal latency. It doesn't have to do any routing or DHCP, ISPs equipment will do that, but it would be nice if it had 5Ghz wifi so it can act as an AP too.

What options do I have?
Thank you!

As a point of reference, is a well-built, well-supported "travel router" running on a MIPS core at 775 MHz. Its performance is probably comparable to other MIPS-based units, with GL.iNet advertising 68 Mbps VPN performance with Wireguard (17 Mbps with OpenVPN).

Typically, VPN performance isn't improved significantly by multi-core devices. This suggests that a recent ARM-based unit ("mvebu", for example) or x86_64 for your VPN will be needed to reach 120 Mbps, even with Wireguard. Since one core will be swamped with VPN, you need at least a two-core device.

This, alone, is going to be challenging with a 50€ budget.

From this post and following

one of the ipq40xx devices might be able to reach 120 Mbps VPN with Wireguard.

Routing 1000/500 mbps is also a challenge, especially if you've got significant upstream usage. A solid, multi-core x86_64 with AES-NI would be highly recommended. The mvebu-based devices may be able to handle those rates, but I have no personal experience with them.

I did some digging and it looks like nbg6617 can do close to 500mbps on wireguard. Unfortunately it's not available whereI I live. Should i expect similar performance from fritzbox 4040 which has the same soc?

In terms of performance, ZyXEL NBG6617 and AVM Fritz!Box 4040 should be virtually identical, but I can't quite believe 500 MBit/s VPN throughput (wireguard or not) for either of them.

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