Recommend decent router single band for workplace(Vlan,bandwidth limit )

I have a need wanted to setup router at my workplace with different networks each isolated from each other and connected to internet 40Mbps bandwidth and area around 400 sqft with vlan grouping them to form work computers, IOT devices and other computers and devices, please suggest a good router medium budget (dual antenna will work) in India having 25-30(total devices combining each vlans) concurrent users with bandwidth limit for each vlans, was thinking of tplink archer c6 let me know your views if any other better do suggest

25-30 users, with multiple VLANs and bandwidth-limits and all? How much bandwidth has your ISP allocated you upstream and downstream? How large an area are we talking about?

Given so many users, I would imagine it being a rather large area to cover and thus a single router would be a Bad Idea(TM) -- the people furthest away would most likely have bad or no connectivity and most MIPS- or ARM-based consumer-grade routers would quite possibly not have enough grunt to handle the load anyway.

My recommendation would be an x86-based router running pfSense/OPNsense as the Internet-facing one and 2-4 access-points spread around the area, so as to have good coverage and a router with enough grunt to actually handle the load and have some performance to spare, if the needs grow.

thanks total devices is 25-30 of all Vlans , with bandwidth 40Mbps area around 400sqft

In the original post, you said 25-30 users, not devices. That changes things, sure.

400sqft isn't a lot, so yeah, a single router can easily cover that area and 40Mbps is also piddly amounts of bandwidth. I thought you had 25-30 actual users, instead of just devices, so I thought you were talking about a larger office-setup.

but <30 are independent devices only who will be accessing wired or wireless, I wanted cheap but good router that can be bought in India was thinking of archer a6

I don't have any experience, whatsoever, with any of the Archer-line routers. You'll have to wait for someone else to chime in on those.

you can suggest the best router here in India based on your experience