Recommend a router for under £150

I’m hoping for some advice as I know nothing about networking. I’ve recently ‘upgraded’ my broadband and it’s now more unreliable than ever. I’m hoping a new router will help fix


Supplied 250Mbps
40 plus devices - many of these are smart home devices on 2.4Ghz
1 Ethernet connected device, intel NUC running home assistant
1 Further Ethernet will be added in the future for a separate garden room.

Thanks for any help.

Smart home devices implies it needs to be wifi capable ?

Sorry yes Wi-Fi capable

are those low bandwidth devices, like IoT sensors, or something that requires high throughput ?

Yes the vast majority of them are low bandwidth IoT devices. Though I do run a media server (Plex) too, only accessed from within the network. And a Wi-Fi camera that records 24/7 via home assistant. Everything else is pretty standard Wi-Fi devices. Computers, Mac’s, smart TVs, phones etc

ok, and where are you, geographically ... ?
different units would be recommended depending on your location.

I’m in the UK.

Wifi 2.4 / 5G
32 M flash ( fine for samba 4 )
5 * Lan
1 * USB 3.0

€ 56,14

See if you can find the RT3200 somewhere, for around £50, start with Amazon or eBay.


It's £80 or so on UK eBay, but it was £50 from ebuyer a while back.

1 Like was selling it for 40 GBP 1.5 weeks ago.

If I had found at this price ( 50 / 60 € ) a long time ago i would have bought some

found at this time but not for france
£74.98 +£ 5.82 delivery

That’s great thanks, I have just ordered one from Amazon warehouse for £50. I’ll run it stock for a week in case there’s any problems and I have to return it.
Thanks again for everyone’s responses.

The cheap rt3200 offers probably were on black friday sale.

no, don’t buy this, full name is wavlink WN538A8
it is not supported:

Why do people keep posting links that are not for UK websites? Did not you read that OP is in the UK?

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