Recipe for target 'package/base-files/compile' failed (ucert - libjson)

r7829-42dc0e2594 is failing to compile due to base-files.

I initially thought it could be due to my configuration, so I started a brand new .config with minimal options, and it still fails due to the same package.

Has anyone else run across this yet?



Likely you are talking about this ucert error:

I used that patch once to create the new ucert build keys, and noticed that after that you do not even need the patch, if you just copy the new keys all your possible buildroots (I have 3 parallel master buildroots).

Alternatively, you can apparently also disable packages list signing, but I have not tried that.

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That's the issue... Will start reading... Thanks,

I've already downloaded the patch, and try building again.

Thank you,


Or just dont select in make menuconfig the cryptographical signing. Its enabled by default. Turn it off and thats all.

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